Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today is my first day so I thought that I would do a little update for all those I don't get to talk to or see often... Canon turned 6 years old in January. He started his first year of school and is doing well. We have had one parent teacher conferance so far and couldn't be happier with his hard work and positve attitude. He Loves to dance and sing, he makes amazing spaceships with leggos, He is a movie buff and amazing big brother!

Cale, Cale, Cale... So, Cale turned 3 in December. From the history of Canon and the past 3 months with Cale, 3 yrs. is much harder than 2! He is loving to test the waters! His 3yr. check up he weighed in 40lbs. and 40 inches tall. Top 90% for height and wight! Cale is a lot of fun... He loves sports. He will be starting soccer in the spring for his first year. If you are ever needing a good laugh, hug, or convo...Cale will do it for u...

I am currently working as a Barista for a local coffee company.. the hours work great with the kids, I love the owner's and co-worker's and I really do like the work! I am currrently making plan's to go to school in the fall. Canon is going to be in his first play the end of this month. James and the Giant Peach at the Lake City Playhouse. Practices, homework, friend's birthday parties (every weekend it seem's like), kid stuff in general keeps us pretty busy. It is a lot of fun though...Untill next time...Much Love